Party Information


So who remembers our wedding?  No one!  That's because on September 9, 2009, we decided to make it official and tie the knot.  Our only guests included our officiant, a 3 year old, a two week old, and a dog.  We always said that we will throw the big party when we reached our 7 year mark, and here it is!

Join us for the party and a renewal of our vows at our home.  We will have drinks, lawn games, food, music, and a couple of surprises. Kids are welcome.  The mood will be casual so wear what you want (there will be a photographer!).  We are honored to share this special celebration with all of you.

Nothing but love,
Erika and Jonathan

We are not registered anywhere.  Gifts are completely not expected.  If you should feel like you want to gift, please consider the many amazing organizations that are out there that could use the gifts more than we.  The causes we feel most connected with have to do with social justice, peace promoting, and nature preserving.  Anything you think would make the world a little better for our kids and yours.

Photo: two young kids (one pregnant) getting their marriage license